Shower Thoughts

The best way to learn is through experiencing. The second best way is through storytelling. Shower thoughts are written to close gaps I see in readily available information. I try to understand and explain why things are the way they are. Drawings are bonus payoffs for reading through my works.

How a Software Engineer Cooks

Despite being allergic to [almost] everything, I love food and I love cooking. Being the competitive person I am, I want to hone my culinary skills to that of a Michelin-starred chef. This is an extremely ambitious goal of course, especially because I have to juggle it with software engineering.…

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The Case for Sleeping

Back in high school, my life revolved around Minecraft. From the time I got back from school to late into the night, my Skype online friends and I were Minecrafting. On weekends, I would record videos for my Youtube channel. As fun as this time was, sleeping 4-5 hours each…

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