A collection of most of my undeveloped business ideas. This is a living document.

  1. Folding laptop stand
  2. High quality operating system and laptop to compete with Mac
  3. Administrative area Google map
  4. Unbreakable glass water bottle
  5. Non-technical friendly email server setup
  6. Non-technical friendly guides for terminal
  7. Browser plugin for taking notes as you read
  8. Remake Sim Coaster or Theme Hospital as a browser game
  9. Bike sharing where people can lend their bikes to other people
  10. Minecraft plugin pack for filming videos
  11. High performance GoLang content management system
  12. Ceiling lighting tiles for even and easy to look at lighting
  13. Frozen fresh coconut water to extend lifetime
  14. Cheap, disposable parachutes for drone delivery services
  15. Revamped Waiter.com with pictures and nutrition information
  16. Floating solar networks - save water, no need to clear areas of land
  17. Super glue that doesn’t dry out
  18. App shows you pics of your fav. foods to reduce temptation
  19. Smoothie recipe youtube channel
  20. Healthy smoothie store (not fake like Jamba or something)
  21. Premium business cards that actually fit in your wallet
  22. Learning system where topics are introduced as very small pieces, reddit-style
  23. Programming language guide, help to choose between the many
  24. Image recognition for skin infections/ conditions
  25. Device to test for certain proteins in foods to identify allergens
  26. Market soylent as camping food
  27. Use Startup Weekend’s free hosting to do Fiverr gigs
  28. Warning text when you enter a bad part of town
  29. Logo database containing high quality transparent PNGs and SVGs of logos
  30. Disposable paper bottles
  31. Recreate Age of Empires 2 in the browser
  32. http://eloquentjavascript.net type guide for GoLang
  33. Minecraft server where players are given one week to build, 2 teams, fight with Flans
  34. Repackage Highmaps counties and sell on Themeforest
  35. Roommate rank where you can rank crappy roommates
  36. Noise cancelling device you can place anywhere and cancels outside noise
  37. Tape that is sticky enough to hold stuff to wall, but not rip off paint
  38. Create Mac desktop app for playing music from online sources
  39. Create a website with much more beginner friendly details on how to make sourdough than existing sights
  40. Glass water bottle suspended in some sort of a suspension membrane such as glass water bottle enclosed in a water filled plastic one
  41. Automatic sourdough starter feeder
  42. Juicer that uses a centrifuge
  43. Audio transmitter and receiver for headphones to turn wired headphones into wireless ones
  44. Website for college students to rank their residences
  45. Reverse osmosis in household kitchens
  46. UV and visible light LEDs to disinfect areas while unoccupied
  47. Speed sensors along highway to create a travel time API
  48. Laser tag with smartphones (http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/07/hasbro-reinvents-lazer-tag-for-the-smartphone-generation/)
  49. king crab
  50. better cheap toilrt paper
  51. Large plane that releases smaller quadcopters for delivery
  52. Drones for window cleaning
  53. Teach programming to kids (camp or school program)
  54. Ecommerce site like eBay or Banggood, but provide North American customer service and have group shipping (for faster and cheaper rates)
  55. Travel site that recommends stuff based off questions
  56. Compare software engineer’s solutions by recording (filming) their actions
  57. Cookbook that teaches lessons but provides good food from the beginning
  58. Reduced pressure cooking to cook at lower temperatures
  59. Painting robot that uses machine learning to determine stroke pressure, brush type
  60. Easy to use mesh network hardware
  61. Stories about people with unusual careers
  62. Home Bread oven that you put inside your existing oven. Provides a higher amount of steam than dutch oven or pan with water
  63. Scanning with phone to cnc
  64. Google docs markdown - ease of markdown but with collaboration features like multiple editors and comments
  65. Structure from motion for visual slam
  66. Ultimate cooking device that controls humidity and temperature perfectly at extremely large range of temperatures
  67. Editor plugin to visualize code
  68. Keyboard cover for mac with extra click
  69. Full engineering curricullum online
  70. Heater that uses piping to separate dust from air
  71. Practical science driven cookbook
  72. Display information as a zoomable tree
  73. Automatic sourdough feeder that uses the sourdough’s carbon dioxide to power the mechanism
  74. Open source library and software review website (like capterra.com)
  75. Bread recipe social network like thefreshloaf.com but with a structured way to share recipes and pictures
  76. Global flour producer with consistent quality (most companies are limited to a single country)
  77. Keep track of bread fermentation status (possible with CO2 monitoring)
  78. Robotic arm that mimics plating
  79. Restaurant that watches customers every movement and reaction to provide waiters with real time actions
  80. Recycling is broken, too expensive, too hard to separate contaminated trash. Ontario
  81. Brainwash career focused people by providing free pdfs of books online but then subtly changing the text to introduce other motives
  82. Plan trips for high school grads trying to figure out what they want to do next - videos of interesting people and provide tours with those people
  83. Series about business opportunities that I won’t be pursuing
  84. Recipe website that you promote to youtubers for sharing their recipes
  85. Solve lactose intolerance - people like milk products, but many asians can’t handle it
  86. No BS business strategy advice - no stupid charts
  87. Construct graphs based on communications over Slack - find high performers
  88. Weed sports - https://slate.com/culture/2019/04/marijuana-washington-post-frederick-starr-chicago-1905-marihuana-mariahuana.html
  89. Sell spice jar to bulk barn with their reuse program
  90. Vertically integrated cabinet/countertop manufacturer that integrates with floorplan apps and 3d scanning
  91. Teaching kids with old people
  92. War on scented liquid soaps and shampoos - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20389654
  93. Bread subscription
  94. Fuck Cargill - supplies food to McDonalds, Safeway, Walmart, Peapod, Stop & Shop - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20443472
  95. Fluid dynamics sink website - willitsink.com, Sell sink to home depot, People choose their faucet and basin, Runs the simulation for them and lets them know if they’re a good match
  96. Training course for enterprising foodies - farmers market distribution - “Samples and food demos sell”
  97. Stories and videos for dandelion chocolate to show their process
  98. Cbd and shroom products for ultra rich
  99. Trauma control might be a mental replay problem - https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/our-brain-uses-a-not-so-instant-replay-to-make-decisions/