The way I see it, as long as you have your eyes open, the world is rife with business and life opportunities. I've been involved in the business world ever since selling LED bulbs to my high school teachers. These are the stories of my business adventures and what I learned from them. My current ventures are secret, though.

The Third Food Revolution

The first food revolution was local and small-scale. The second food revolution was global and large-scale, powered by machinery and chemicals. The third food revolution is local and small-scale. Food will become tastier, healthier, and will give back to the environment.…

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How LED Bulbs Illuminated My Life

I love LED lights. Anytime I see an LED light, I give a nod of approval. This is the story of how I became obsessed with LED lights. It all started at the University of Toronto science camp. Along with my brother and cousin, we scavenged any and all the…

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Thoughts on Identity Verification

If you've ever been asked to upload a photo of your government ID to prove your identity, you've gone through an identity verification process. If you haven't, this is a screenshot of what Coinbase's process looks like.Coinbase's Identity Verification ProcessAbout a year ago, I was shocked to learn some…

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