I'm a strong believer in having both high level vision and technical skills to execute on those visions. With humble beginnings building websites in Adobe Dreamweaver over 10 years ago, I've developed robust foundations that allow me to work anywhere on the tech stack from firmware to web to distributed systems. These are the stories of what I've learned hacking Medium, building games, automating plant care, and more.

Getting Started with WeMos D1 on Mac OSX

It took me way too long to get started with the WeMos D1 R2 board, partly because mine is an eBay knockoff. Getting Started 1. Download and install the Arduino IDE (just called Arduino): Note: I use version 1.6.8, newer versions…

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Managing State in MobX

If you've ever used Redux for managing state in your web application, you'll know how much boilerplate you have to write before you can mutate its state. Sure, there's plenty of Redux middleware for reducing boilerplate and making asynchronous requests (such as XHR). However, the more middleware you add, the…

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Beginning Go And Soundcloud

The Soundcloud API documentation is incredibly misleading if you are not using one of their official languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, and Javascript). This guide will not cover every function of the Soundcloud API, but it will give you an excellent foundation to begin using Soundcloud with your Go application. In…

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Upload and Manage Soundcloud with Go

Last tutorial, we covered how to connect to a user's Soundcloud account with OAuth, now we'll take a look at how to upload and manage sounds on Soundcloud with Go. For this tutorial, be sure to import all of the following: import ( "bytes" "encoding/json" ""…

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