I'm a strong believer in having both high level vision and technical skills to execute on those visions. With humble beginnings building websites in Adobe Dreamweaver over 10 years ago, I've developed robust foundations that allow me to work anywhere on the tech stack from firmware to web to distributed systems. These are the stories of what I've learned hacking Medium, building games, automating plant care, and more.

An AgarIO Clone

AgarIO has been all the rage for the past month now. It's been featured on countless major Youtube channels, has at least 100,000 users playing at any given time and seems to have been acquired or partnered with Miniclip. I had the excellent idea to develop an AgarIO clone,…

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Matrices for Game Development

Tanks is an online multiplayer tanks game based off Wii Tanks and inspired by Agario. This project was started in 2013, it was revamped in early 2015 and has been progressing ever since, but I am taking an indefinite pause from it to work on other more useful ventures. It's…

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Game Collision Detection and Handling

In this post, I will talk about collision detection and handling. There are plenty of useful resources on collision detection: * * * *…

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Game Lag Compensation and Interpolation

"The version I have uploaded to does not currently have server interpolation, but I have implemented it in the current code. When I was programming the initial version of multiplayer Tanks, I forgot about the effects of latency on gameplay and only saw the effects manifest…

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