There’s no friction in space.
There’s no air resistance.
Nothing to slow you down.

You just glide. As you accelerate, you go faster and faster. You whiz through solar systems then through galaxies. Everything around you begins to blur. At some point, you leave the universe. There’s nothing.

The secret to success is hard work. Mastering skills requires conscious repetition far, far beyond the point most others would stop. Repetition builds momentum. At first, skills progress slowly. Those who succeed don’t let anything slow them down. With enough patience, skills become second nature.

How often do we ask what the cost of building momentum is? What happens when you dedicate your life to mastering a skill?

If you’ve aimed at the right thing, you’ll fulfill some of your dreams, your North Stars. In the process, you’ve moved through the universe so fast, you’ve missed everything in between. You sped right past that pale blue dot called Earth. Your life passed at warp speed.

That’s if you aimed correctly and didn’t hit an asteroid along the way.

On the flip side, if you don’t build momentum and stay in the same spot. You definitely won’t reach any of your North Stars.

So take aim and fly, but don’t forget to take the scenic route.