Shower Thoughts

The best way to learn is through experiencing. The second best way is through storytelling. Shower thoughts are written to close gaps I see in readily available information. I try to understand and explain why things are the way they are. Drawings are bonus payoffs for reading through my works.

The Hidden Reason Why Judging Is Bad

Judgment and stereotypes are your brain's shortcut to understanding other people. They allow you to skip the full story. There's a reason they exist, but they're just the lined paper. You need to write the words between the lines. When we judge others, we're judging reflections of ourselves.…

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The Cost of Momentum

The secret to success is hard work. Mastering skills requires conscious repetition far, far beyond the point most others would stop. What happens when you dedicate your life to mastering a skill? How often do we ask what the cost of building momentum is?…

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Where Do Ideas Come From?

I was recently traveling around Asia. Without cell service or a computer, I spent a whole lot of time doing “nothing”. My brain had the space to absorb the world around me and to listen to my subconscious aura.How are there so many poorly designed sinks that spray water…

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How a Software Engineer Cooks

Despite being allergic to [almost] everything, I love food and I love cooking. Being the competitive person I am, I want to hone my culinary skills to that of a Michelin-starred chef. This is an extremely ambitious goal of course, especially because I have to juggle it with software engineering.…

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